How to reduce PLM testing services costs by 30%?

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August 19, 2016

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PLM testing services help CTOs manage and monitor their product’s life cycle throughout the product development process and beyond. The benefits of PLM testing focus around time, cost and quality. This helps bring products to market faster and enables better support of products. PLM testing provides transparency about what is happening over the product lifecycle.

Managing PLM testing even with the constant change in manufacturing processes.

1. Schedule Management
PLM testing systems include a schedule management system which helps in managing the complex schedule of multiple interdependent testing processes. It will be used to build process and test executions. It also helps in managing and configuring the hardware schedule for the implanted software.

2. Change Management
Change management is the core of PLM testing. It will allow detailed control of the specification and schedule changes in the software. Under change management also comes testing plan changes, requirements changes and resources changes

3. Quality Management
Quality Management is an important part of PLM testing, testing the quality, durability and stability of any software are primary before delivering. A PLM testing system includes quality management allowing integrated testing and issue tracking, with full visibility of various stages of the testing process.

Prova’s Advantage in PLM Testing –

• Delivering bug-free processes
Our PLM testing services are based on quality standards which make it easy to detect bugs and errors in the earliest stage.

• Reducing cost by 30%
At Prova, we re-engineer testing processes to deliver affordable and reliable PLM Testing Services in Europe.

We understand the complexities involved in PLM testing, experts at Prova deliver trusted solutions within stipulated deadlines.

Prova has been providing PLM testing solutions to industry verticals such as Apparel, Engineering, Life sciences, Healthcare and Aerospace since 2000.
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