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March 22, 2018

Software Testing

By 2020 some 50 billion devices will be connected online– resulting in countless new applications, business ideas, and opportunities. This is possible because IoT is the technology which has potential to impact on life & work. IOT is the network of physical devices and other devices embedded with software, sensors, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect.

Examples of IoT are:

  1. Smart Home Automation System
  2. In agriculture industry for monitoring weather at a crop field

IOT has many benefits for Safety, Comfort, Efficiency, better decision making, revenue generation but as each coin has another side IoT has few challenges, some of them are listed below-

  1. Security:

As many devices connected together, ensuring the security of information is of utmost importance. The hacking of monitors, cameras, smart fridges and many devices is a major security concern in IoT.

There are many reasons behind the state of insecurity in IoT. Every organization trying to be ahead of the competition through the innovative connected gadget. Due to this, functionality becomes the main focus and security takes a back seat. So, Security is a big challenge in IoT.

  1. Privacy:

Data privacy is another major challenge in IoT devices. Some data generated in such type of devices are very sensitive. Governments and many organization like insurance want to keep it private.

But the connection of multiple devices and integration of third-party services exposes legal and regulatory challenges facing data protection and privacy law.

  1. Connectivity:

As we know IoT is a network which connects things means the whole idea is about connectivity. Currently, IoT is based on the centralized system where servers come into the picture.

As the whole system depends on connectivity, if the server goes down, it will bring major issues because the system works on real-time activities. Also, peer to peer device connectivity checking is a challenge due to security & compatibility.

  1. Functional Testing :

Various IoT applications are available for healthcare, smart cars, home appliances. What not? A common part of this applications are sensors, big data, processing but the innovative approach is important to maintain a quality of such type of applications. Here Functional testing comes into the picture.

For IoT functional testing product to product has a different strategy. There are multiple challenges like simulating the real-life environment, device compatibility, connectivity etc. so to overcome these challenges strong functional test strategy is required.

In addition to above-mentioned challenges compatibility, lack of data & network protocol standards, storage issue, complexity are major challenges too.

So, IoT system needs to be tested for interoperability, usability & customer experience, conformance to standards, a different type of network and connectivity, security & functionality.

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