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Best Mobile app testing services

May 26, 2017

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The Best Mobile app testing services comprise of a unique combination of skilled software engineering and testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies to offer a wide range of testing solutions. This service covers all major Mobile Devices, Platforms, Domains and Operating Systems.

Mobile App Testing Services follows an end-to-end mobile testing process that starts from creating test cases, performing regression, load and UI testing and lastly running the applications on different devices, simulators or cloud.

There were 1.6 million apps in Google Play and 1.5 million apps in Apple App Store in July 2015. The Cost Per Install for Android apps in the U.S. was increased by 40%, while for iOS apps increased nearly 35% in the year 2015.

Mobile application testing services comprise of functional, performance, compatibility, usability and security testing as the major areas.To have the best performing mobile application both in terms of functionality and also user interface, the application should be tested on a large number of popular devices. Since there will be updates on the applications now & then, you will have to perform continuous testing on every devices to ensure that the application works as designed. By the time you are ready to test the application upgrades, there are newer popular devices that you need to consider.

Some Types of Mobile App Testing are-

  • Cross platform mobile app testing
  • Mobile web app testing
  • Automated mobile app testing
  • Game app testing on mobiles and tablets
  • Mobile app testing on devices – both Native & Web-based

Advantages of Mobile App Testing services:

Prevent Threats-
Mobile App Testing Services look at the security and compliance risks from the app on the device, the backend systems and the network those app connects to, the interaction and data flow between them. A very well-versed Security experts in application development and coding who knows the weaknesses threat actors try to exploit will thoroughly evaluate your security controls and provide actionable steps you can take.

Protect Data from hacking-
Mobile app testing services has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have”. It helps Identifying security risks where security experts thoroughly test mobile apps for vulnerabilities and then it helps to Improve app security by giving you guidance to address identified security risks and lastly to make your app compliant to ensure your app meets the latest regulatory requirements. This is how it helps to protect data from hacking.

What Prova solutions Provides?
Prova provides Mobile Application Testing Services for clients across the globe .Enterprises are noticing a tremendous increase in the number of customers joining their database through mobile apps. Under our mobile app QA services, We conduct tests such as- UX- user experience, connectivity, installation, user scenarios, device setting, mobile interruptions, SD card and SIM card.

We help you to speed up your software launch with our quick and effective Mobile Application Testing Services that ensure on-time delivery of a bug-free tool that is ready to reach the consumers and

  • Save mobile app testing cost by 70%
  • 500+ Mobile app testing services projects delivered
  • Reduce post-production incidents by 80%
  • 24×7 Mobile app testing team
  • Reporting and standardized testing procedures

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