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Mobile Application Security Testing services

April 24, 2017

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Mobile Application Security Testing services enable detailed security analysis of your mobile application regardless of the operating system. The importance of Mobile Application Security Testing has increased in last decade. Mobile applications send and receive sensitive data hence they are more likely to get attacked.

The recent report by Now Secure 2016, it is Mobile Security report says 25% of Android apps tested in 2016 include at least one high risk security flaw. Also 35% of communications sent by mobile devices are unencrypted.

Sports Direct became victim of cyber-attack compromising confidential data of its 30,000 employees in a data breach. Mobile Apps Security is the biggest concern since it can ruin the image of the brand and cause drastic decrease in the sales & revenue.

Gartner believes changes in Codes and configuration can lead to all new vulnerabilities and will trigger 75% of mobile security breaches by 2017.

Do you own a mobile application that deals with client’s sensitive data? Don’t rely on in-house security testing since you cannot afford breaches and threats disrupting your app’s performance.

4 reasons why you need Mobile Application Security Testing services?

1. Cost-efficiency:
Mobile Application Security Testing services require fully-optimized solutions that ensure superior returns on your time and money invested in the testing process.

2. Data Security:
Mobile Application Security Testing services enable vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and risk analysis. This helps protect sensitive data not only for your organization but also for your end-users.

3. Reduce Time-To-Launch Rate:
Performing Security testing of apps in-house can prove more time consuming. Updating latest technologies in testing, applying them, training resources; all this requires a lot of time & effort. By outsourcing App Security testing to a offshore service providers, this time is saved and organization can concentrate on core business.

4. Benchmarked Expertise:
A reliable Mobile Application Security Testing services provider holds training across a wide range of mobile testing services and ensures compatibility with your business needs.

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