3 key things to verify in your Mobile App testing services provider

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September 1, 2016

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Can we predict the future for mobile app testing services providers?

The Mobility Report by Ericsson states that “By 2020, 4 out of 5 people worldwide will own a smartphone. That’s a total of roughly 6.1 billion mobile users. Many of these users would never have used a desktop computer or landline.” [source:] .

The use of Mobile Apps is directly proportional to the number of users. So it becomes important that mobile Apps are properly tested before their launch in the market to ensure best results. To ensure that your mobile App is robust & bug-free mobile App,you should partner with the best mobile app testing company in Europe.

3 key things to verify in your Mobile App testing services provider

1. Robust Bug free Mobile App
Under mobile app QA services, tests such as UX- user experience, connectivity, installation, user scenarios, device setting, mobile interruptions, SD card and SIM card are mandatory. Using time-tested QA testing models and processes,a Mobile App testing services provider can ensure bug-free mobile apps.

2. Optimized Cost-effective solution
To ensure that Mobile Apps are perfect to hit the market offshore mobile App companies use multiple testing methodologies such functional testing, automation testing, performance testing, memory leakage testing, interrupt testing and security testing. This ensures that a robust App are delivered that fit into the client’s budget

3. Industry experience and expertise
Offshore Mobile App testing companies should have expert testers who work during the client’s day & night shift to ensure that all business requirements are fulfilled in minimum time. Mobile app testers should be up-to-date with the rapidly changing technologies in order to deliver best results.

Prova’s experienced mobile app testers work with all major mobile operating systems and platforms according to the clients business needs. Our services have helped enterprises with comprehensive solutions in various industry verticals such as apparel, social media app, music and e-commerce.
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