Penetration Testing Services: What, When and How!

Penetration Testing Services

January 17, 2017

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Penetration Testing Services: What, When and How!

Penetration testing services have become the new business lingo that companies across the globe are trying to decode. Almost every company is or is going to use some sort of IT security and risk management solution. With the amount of security breaches occurring across big and small enterprises, running a safe business becomes a tricky task. This is why, there still remains a considerable amount of ambiguity in getting hold of the best way of administering penetration testing services.

So, here’s a tiny guide to understanding penetration testing services:

Penetration testing services help identify the security loopholes in your IT infrastructure. These services scan your server and network to pin-point the vulnerabilities that can give a gateway to cyber attackers. Penetration testing services offer a real-world experience of intrusion and can help uncover the flaws in security policies.

An ideal penetration testing exercise should be carried out without informing the staff of your company. It should be like a drill so that the commonest of security flaws are detected. This can also help in determining how effectively your security personnel are able to mitigate an attacker without considerable damage is caused.

You can choose from penetration testing services on quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. It is always good to run security checks on a regular basis as cyber criminals are innovating newer methods of attack every minute. But depending upon the exposure of your data to online mischievous entities, you can pick a suitable time for penetration testing services.

About Prova:
Prova Solutions offers a range of tools for advanced penetration testing services for IT Risk assessment, IT Risk analysis, Intrusion Detection, Anti-virus and Malware protection, SPAM and web filters and Firewalls. With asset of benchmarked frameworks and experienced security professionals, Prova can help you determine the best policy for penetration testing services of your IT assets.